Leadership Team

Ben & Di Kwok

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Ben & Di first met in uni when they both took a course in American Literature.  That seems like a long time ago as they now have seven children!  Ben completed his seminary degree in the United States before working a Grace Bible Church in New York and Fellowship Baptist Church in Blacktown.  He currently serves as church pastor and the chaplain of ACC – Marsden Park.  Di serves at church and also teaches high school maths. Ben & Di are thankful for the support of their mission partners through Biblical Ministries Worldwide.



Russ & Cathy Matthews

Russ & Cathy are Australians  who grew up in the Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 5.59.40 pmUnited States. After a successful career in retail and sales, Russ and Cathy felt compelled to move to Sydney to be a part of what God is doing in the city. Russ is the In House and Public Programs Manager at City Bible Forum. Russ also enjoys reviewing and chatting about movies. (you can see his reviews here)  Cathy serves at church and is a busy mother of four. They partner with two great organisations: Saylorville Baptist Church and ABWE, which help to sponsor Russ & Cathy so they can be fully invested in ministry work.


Cheebeng & Susan Tan

FullSizeRender-2Cheebeng works in supply chain and originally came from Malaysia before becoming a Christian while a student at UNSW. Susan grew up in Sydney and both she and Cheebeng are keen to care for others. Cheebeng also serves as church treasurer. They have two daughters and a frisky dog.

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