Sunday Worship Service

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 7.06.46 pmSunday worship is a special time for our church family.  It’s our opportunity to worship God through singing and learning from the Bible.

The service starts at 10:00AM with a time of meditation or a reading from the Bible. We then usually sing a few songs and read from the Bible.

In the middle of the service we take time to collect an offering for the ministries in the church.

After a few more songs we have a Bible talk which usually lasts from 20-25 minutes.

The Bible talks are usually based on a theme that the church is studying.  Recent themes include the Gospel of John and the Book of Genesis.

The service usually finishes around 11:00AM and most people stay to talk about the week and drink some coffee.

Every fortnight we have a prayer service in another room after the worship service.  The prayer service is an opportunity to stop and pray for each other in the church and also for our community.  The service begins about 15 minutes after the worship service ends and everyone is invited to attend.

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