directionsOn Sundays we’re located in the middle of Rouse Hill Town Centre and you can find us at 10:00am at the Community Centre, Level 2. (above the Library)

If you were using a GPS, it would look something like this:

  1. Sydney
  2. Rouse Hill
  3. Rouse Hill Town Centre OR 29 Main St, Rouse Hill NSW 2155

For parking, we recommending using the Woolworths (orange) parking area.  Look for the lifts, which can take you right up to Level 2.

If you are coming via public transport:

If you are the sort of person that uses the force to get to church, look for the following landmarks:

  1. Near the main square and fountain, there is a Coffee Emporium with loud music on a Sunday morning.
  2. You will see a large flight of stairs leading up to the library – avoid these unless you need exercise.
  3. Walk past the Coffee Emporium and you will see two lifts – go in the lifts and go up to Level 2.
  4. At the top of Level 2, head to the main room at the end of the corridor.
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